Does your company have the right logo?

Does your company have the right logo?

As you might know, a logo is one of the most vital components of any brand. It’s almost like a “public face” of a company - a recognizable, iconic feature that has the complicated task to appeal to people while explaining the core of the business values to the audience.

Some of the most accomplished and well-designed logos in the world might seem simple, but a lot is going on under the hood. Even a logo that might consist of nothing but a font and a color background has likely been conceived following attentive planning, because every single detail matters.

What color to use?

How will people react to a particular hue?

What mood can the color inspire?

Is this font too aggressive?

What kind of vibe do we want to achieve?

Logo designers are burdened with the task to answer all of the aforementioned questions and many more. Companies should always stop and consider whether they have the right logo or not. In some cases, you might be working with a logo that feels outdated, or that simply does not do a good job at representing the true identity of your brand. It is very important to understand that the quality of your logo will be a direct reflection of the quality of your brand. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid falling into the trap of outdated design principles. Some business owners try their hand at designing their logo, often with disastrous consequences. At times, an external view of a professional can help you see things in a more focused way, particularly concerning design and aesthetic, if that’s not exactly your area of expertise.

No matter what position you take on your company's logo, make sure you always are prepared with it in vector format. Read more about why vector is important in our recent article: Vector vs. Raster - Why Vector Artwork is Required