Tariffs got you down? Well Continental Headwear has your back!

Tariffs got you down? Well Continental Headwear has your back!

Tariffs got you down? Well Continental Headwear has your back!

A Brief Note Regarding the Section 301 Tariff

May 14, 2019

Since the fluctuating tariffs have put quite the damper on custom overseas orders,we sat down with our management and sales teams to give you the best offers possible. Below is an outline of the plan of action we have in process to ensure your needs continue to be met in a timely and cost efficient manner.


1. We will continue to hold pricing on all US stock items through this calendar year, barring any further increases to the tariff.

2. We will offer EQP on all blank domestic orders until December 31, barring any additional increases to the tariff.

3. We will continue to ship domestic orders in a timely manner of 7-10 business days from sample approval with no tape or set up   charges and no sample charge on the first sample.

4. We are looking into expanding our domestic line and offering more decoration options. Stay tuned to our newsletters, Zoom and Promo Corner Flyers for updates.

5. Don’t forget to ask about our textured embroidery process.


1. We will sharpen our pencils to offer you the best net cost possible.

2. We will add the tariff as a second line item on your invoices to make it easier

to make adjustments should the tariff fluctuate and hopefully go back down.

3. We will continue to offer free tape, sample and set ups.

4. With the uncertainty of when this tariff battle will end, we are in the process of procuring alternative routes. Our team is looking into overseas production options in Vietnam as well as the Dominican Republic. We are striving to have an alternative option ready within the next few months. We appreciate your patience during this transition and hope that we can continue to meet your expectations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the most recent changes to the Section 301 tariff, please don’t hesitate to speak with a member of our team.