The Top 10 Reasons the Most Successful Companies Utilize Promotional Headwear

The Top 10 Reasons the Most Successful Companies Utilize Promotional Headwear

It’s everywhere: Promotional headwear being worn by celebrities, fans, and sportsman. multi-million dollar companies have grown into empires because of their promotional gear. Every major company, including Internet companies and political candidates, use promotional headwear to let the world know who they are and promote their brand.

Here are our top 10 reasons why promotional headwear must be a part of your overall marketing plans:

1.     Brand recognition - The key to building great brand recognition is ‘impressions, impressions, impressions.’ This means that the more you get your name in front of consumers, the more business you can earn. Headwear with your logo or slogan is a great way to get thousands or millions of impressions every year.

2.     Low cost - Promotional hats and caps are inexpensive ways to promote your company. At just a few dollars each, these promotional items can be an excellent investment.The number of impressions that you can get with each of these caps is nearly unlimited.

3.     In your hand - Your customers will love the items that you give them. Go to any large event and see people line up to get hats, caps, and more. The tactile experience of getting something is always exciting.

4.     Wearable business card - Having a business card is important. Your hats and caps can serve as a wearable business card. If you include your web address, phone number, or even email on your hats, you can get correlate business directly from them.

5.     Free gift - Everybody loves gifts. Giving someone a high quality cap or hat when they do business with you is fun. Regardless of the nature of business with you, a baseball cap with your company's name on it can be a pleasant way to thank them for working together.

6.     Employee motivation - Next time you go to a store, look around and see the number of people who appear to be wearing clothes from their employer. People are proud to have a good job and are not afraid to wear their employer’s logo on their heads.

7.     Rebranding - Got a new logo? Put it on a cap or hat and let the world see it. By putting it on headgear, thousands of people can see your new logo without a lot of effort or expense on your part.

8.     Customizable - A creatively designed cap can be a cherished piece of clothing. If your design is unique, it can become something that people actually seek out. Finding a designer that will create something that stands out for you is the key to huge success with custom headgear.

9.     Trade show or festival traffic - Nothing will make people seek out your booth at a tradeshow faster than something that they can take home. If you want a line of people at your trade show or a concert booth, give them baseball caps or other headgear.

10.  Statement of quality - Pens with logos are easily forgettable.  Now what if you hand out a high quality visor at a golf tournament? People will be wearing your name all day, where everyone else can see it. Letting the quality of your promotional items speak for your company’s quality is one of the fastest ways to make a great impression.

Customized headgear, whether it’s a baseball cap or a visor, is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business. It’s an inexpensive way to let the world know that you are in business and to look for you. Get the right designer and you will have a work of wearable art that will stand out from the crowd.