Introducing the Continental Headwear Online Cap Designer

Do you like some of the products in our catalog? How would you like to see your logo or design on them before you commit to buying them? Well, now you can! Introducing the Continental Headwear Online Cap Designer. Our easy-to-use app allows you to select any of our customizable products, add your logo, design, or custom text, and produce a high quality visual mock-up of the finished product!

So how does it work? Here are is a quick step by step walkthrough!


Step 1: Select a Product

Visit and allow the products to load. You can search for a style code by clicking the magnifying glass on the left side, or browse the categories for the product you would like to see.



Step 2: Select a Color


Most of our headwear comes in multiple colors, by clicking the color circles on the right side, you can change the color of the product. Click “Ready” when you have chosen a color.



Step 3: Upload Your Custom Logo


Click on the “Your Logo” button on the left side. Follow the instructions and drag-and-drop your logo file or click on the text to open a file browser on your computer. PNG files with a transparent background are recommended so you do not see a box around your logo. After you upload your file, click “Add” to place it on the cap design canvas.


Positioning & Resizing Your Logo

After your logo is on the canvas, you can position it by dragging and resize it with the red controls.



Tip: You can change the view of the cap, for example front, back or the sides, by clicking on them on the right side of the screen.



Step 4: Save The Design


After you have customized each side of the cap and you are happy with the outcome, you can click the “Save” button at the bottom to save your cap design.


Step 5: Request a Quote or Save Your Design


You can either save your design by e-mailing the design code to yourself or click “Request a quote for this product” to send your design and contact information to the Continental Headwear team.


Accessing a Saved Design

After you have a design code, you can easily access the design later by coming back to the cap designer and clicking the menu (top right) and selecting “Access a Saved Design”. Simply enter your code and your design will be presented.


Click Here to Check Out The Online Cap Designer