Chenille Embroidery
Chenille material base held down with embroidered stitches.  Chenille embroidery works best on larger, bolder design elements such as letters.


Hollow 3D Embroidery
Does not contain the foam backing which gives traditional 3D embroidery, the “puffed” look.  As a result, the stitching on the hollow 3D embroidery has a looser, somewhat distressed look.


Reversed 3D Embroidery
Created when the foam outline of the logo is placed in between the two pieces of material and is sewn down by stitching the outline of the logo..  The resulting effect is a raised three dimensional design within the material of the cap. As the shape out the outline is created in between the two pieces of material, the reverse 3D design will be the same color as the cap material.  Reverse 3D designs work best on simple single color designs.


Brushed Embroidery
The top of layered of an embroidered logo is brushed, which results in a soft, textured look.